Sunday, February 6, 2011

Plan of Attack

I got up early and started cutting. I think I had like maybe 27 blocks already done. I have to have 113 of these blocks to set on point for this quilt. I used all the iron scraps I had and sliced and diced until I ran out of pressed fabric. I started sewing. I have used up three spools of partially emptied spools of thread in the piecing.
Stitching and pressing have gone on for about 6 hours. Oh Yeah I had to go out and remove 3 inches of snow off of the drive also. I am doing laundry and I have to stop soon to make my bed before bedtime.

Here are sections waiting to be sewn into the blocks. I sew a few press a few and then I sew some more.

I now have 52 of the 113 done. I made quite a bit of progress today. Now I have to iron more scraps and cut more pieces and start the process all over again. I am on the down hill slide now over half are done. This quilt will have a sash on it and I have to figure out the color of fabric and start looking for it. I think a brown print will work. This is for a 12 year old, but thought I would make it so he could use it through his teenage years. He likes quilts. In fact all my grandkids like quilts. Chris

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