Thursday, February 10, 2011

Drink of choice

Ok I have the incentive to quit. I heard on the news yesterday about diet soda and heart and stroke connections. Yes I am a bad person. I would drink up to 3 a day and now I have none. As you can see I drank my coffee and now onto water. Where we live I am on a well and we have an in line filter for our water and it is really good tasting. I am up to 4 of these glasses a day now and I hope it makes me feel better. I have read articles about people who were diagnosed with auto immune diseases and come to find out it was from the diet sodas. Besides all the sodium in it if you can't pronounce the ingredients maybe you shouldn't have it. My husband after years of drinking alcohol has quit then I can quit the diet soda. I use to drink regular soda and quit it for the diet years ago and thought I could cut down on calories and keep weight off. HAHA! I think I am more hungry because I want the sweet taste and the diet isn't satisfying my craving. Day four of this water usage. They say after several days your taste buds adjust. We will see. I have been studying some quilting books for some ideas. I am cutting and dicing up a lot of scraps. I want to get the best mileage form this fabric and I am trying to see if I can cut another quilt at the same time I am cutting the scraps for the scrap quilt I have in progress. Thinking of a Log Cabin or a Pineapple quilt. They are basically strips and I can put them aside to finish up later. Handle once and cut twice. Sound right?? I saw an idea for a log cabin quilt with applique on it too. Was a novel idea. I will be in today. -30*F windchill and I am not looking to go out in this weather. Fireplace is going and the house is warm. Stay warm and safe. Chris


Katie M. said...

Kudos to you for switching to water. I need to increase my intake of fluids. My drink of choice is lemonade. I like to buy the little packets of Crystal Light that you put in your water - but I'm wondering if it's as bad for you as the diet sodas are??? I've even bought a new water pitcher to fill and keep in my sewing room in the hopes I will be encouraged to empty it by the end of the day!
Happy Quilting!

ROZ said...

Good idea, as I did it recently--made a log cabin and a bricks quilt--cutting at the same time