Monday, February 21, 2011

Do you believe in premonitions?

I have this bad habit of being uneasy and no indication as to why. I couldn't settle down to anything yesterday and was very emotional. The National Anthem on NASCAR had me in tears. I thought it was old and weepy for this old lady. Then this morning I get a phone call very early from my son. He is a Firefighter and EMT2 so I hate early phone calls. I have had two so far that he went down at a fire and was on his way to the hospital. Well the call came and not far from his house there was a fatal house fire over night. He was on the scene all night long. He lives 32 miles from me and I really need to hear his voice at least once a day to feel better. When he was in the service it was harder because I couldn't pick up the phone and call him. This gift or curse of knowing something was going to happen is eerie and unsettling with the anticipation that you don't know what it is that is going on. Now maybe I will calm down some. Feel sorry for the victim and their family. Hug your loved ones today and make those phone calls to talk to them. Life is short. Chris

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