Thursday, February 17, 2011

UFO being addressed

I am embarrassed. I have this quilt I started over 2 years ago for my husband and I am not finished. Within 2 good days of work and it can be on the bed. Well he made a comment the other day he will never see it done while he is alive. Sad to say but last year that could have been a reality. But in the next sense I don't want to finish it and jinx the whole thing either. He is in so-so health now, but much better than last year. I pulled it out of it's corner today and started working on it. I think I will get it done and not tell him I am working on it. He is in the garage most of the day working on birdhouses. So I plan on working on it while he is out there. Hopefully I can get it done and on the bed and see if he notices it is done. Keep your fingers crossed I don't get to many interruptions. I am going into the sewing room and do some machine stitching to get onto the next step with this quilt. I want it done. Oh by the way I finished all the blocks for the scrap quilt for a Christmas gift also. I am going to go online and look for a backing fabric and a sashing fabric. Then over the weekend I plan on going to 2 quilt shops unless we get the snow they are predicting. Hopefully they are wrong. It is still melting here, but it isn't all gone yet. 58*F and it is cloudy and talking about rain. They are predicting bad flooding soon. The fields are just running with water and all the underground cables and transformers are blowing because of all the moisture right now. Good time to stay in and get the UFO done. Chris


bettyp said...

Hope you get it done soon!! Post some pictures !! We are in the South and its so pretty out today, its in the 70s ! I saw people out and about today in shorts and sleeveless shirts!! Sure hope you don't get any more snow this weekend !!I girls got to shop!!! LOL!!!

Hettie said...

What a lovely story and I hope to see a picture of the quilt on your post soon.