Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We are getting it too

The weather will be visiting my part of the world today also. The word Blizzard was used plus heavy snow. As many of you have done the run to the store and got the TP, milk and bread and eggs. I have a big pot of soup made and if we loose electricity I have the fireplace and the top of my gas stove works. I will be in and out a lot in the next couple days trying to stay ahead of the wind and the snowfall. The wind is out of the East right now and that isn't a good sign around here. That is when we get dumped on with weather. I hope everyone stays safe and out of harms way. The outlying areas have closed schools already because they bus 95% of their students to school on gravel roads out in the middle of fields that are wide open. We live about 104 miles West of O'Hare Airport and they are saying it could be closed for up to 4 days. My son is a First Responder EMT2 and Firefighter in a rural community and he plans on sleeping at the fire station tonight to be available. All Chicago area firefighters are on call. If you are in my area the coffee pot is going and the soup is on the stove. Plan ahead and stay safe and warm. Chris

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Chris said...

Goodness. You sound like me. When we had snow days (before I moved to Vegas where it never snows) I would put on something yummy that made the house smell good and stay in. Be safe and warm :)