Monday, January 31, 2011

Chose Spring colors

I got up early like 4am. Couldn't lay there any longer. So I cut out templates for the next wall hanging. I think for my Mother I will make pastels in the next applique wall hanging. She is always looking for something for Spring. As you enter her house through the front door she has a blank wall. She has placed a curtain rod up a decorating rod and she hangs quilts there. It isn't close to a window to fade anything because of the porch roof.
We are to get a major storm in the next 72 hours. so I plan on stitching in between sessions out removing snow. Blizzard conditions expected. We brought firewood in for the fireplace in case we loose electricity. Hope not because we won't be able to get anywhere with 12-18 inches of snow they are predicitng. The grocery stores are being mobbed for people stocking up. I have plenty so I don't have to go and get in the crowd. I think a pot of Vegetable beef soup is in order though. Off to get the meat out to thaw. Stay warm and safe. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The storm is delaying my trip to Texas. Ugh...