Sunday, January 9, 2011

He didn't care

Yesterday I told you about this pattern from Pieceocake. I said my husband would have a fit if I started something else. He said nothing. I asked him aren't you going to ask. He said why. Go figure! Here is the progress. As you can see the pins are in some of the motif yet. I think the red cherry shapes are to big for the design. I think I am going to modify the size a little and hopefully it will look more balanced. I forgot how much prep there is to get ready for this kind of quilting.
This is one quarter of the block. With most applique they make very large blocks. So it goes faster over all. I was going to use more red but this was calmer for where I want it to go. I will use more red in the border and the binding.

Today I plan on getting more of it done. After I reshape the dots or cherries I think I will be please with the look. On the left uncovered stem there is three more of the cherries and to me it is overpowering with the size they are. Then the next part is the quilting. Hand or machine echo quilting or outline. I think since it is a table topper I may do some hand embroidery to accent the leaves. I need to find my applique pins I know where they are so I am not getting my threads all tangled in the long quilting pins.
I rushed into doing this because I thought if this looked good I would make a couple more for Mother's Day presents. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Very, very nice!! It's beautiful!