Friday, January 28, 2011


I know stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Well I am not eating desserts. I have had enough stress the last two weeks to weigh 500 pounds if I ate every time I got stressed. See this stack of cans. Well this is my husband's food for the next month. He can't swallow his food and he has a feeding tube. The Doctor that takes care of it is wonderful. And so are his nurses. The woman in charge of the food and the pump that runs the feeding is so off the wall it upsets me. I never get what I am suppose to. That cans aren't enough for a full month and the supplies she sent aren't the right ones. This happens every month. I worked at this hospital and even though I don't have a degree in this I know what she sent wasn't right. So on Monday I have to get back on the phone and go through it all again. What happened to comprehensive work ethics and bottom line listening to what the person says????
My husband's life depends on the right food and the right amounts. Can you believe this? I wonder if she would be upset if this happened to her husband? No wonder there are so many medical mistakes made. I have been doing some hand quilting on the table topper today, but I now have a horrible headache trying to figure out what to say to this woman to get through to her with out blowing my cork and regretting the things I would say. Ok I am off my soap box now and I am going to go feed my face. See I will be 500 lbs soon. Chris

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Suzanne Thomsen Newsome said...

Hi Chris - just happened by your blog today. So sorry to hear of your huge frustrations. Sounds like your situation is truly a reason for anger and frustration. Sennding you blessings. Sue