Saturday, January 8, 2011

Well what should I do

Ok here is the deal. I need to practice my applique skills before I start a major quilt I want to do. So my theory is to make a table topper using this pattern or part of it. I found it in an older quilt magazine. It is called "Faux Finish" by Pieceocake. It is in the June 2009 of Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork. They use a printed background that is checkered so therefore the name of the quilt Faux. I like the size as they have done it 45 X 45inches. But I thought why not do it as a single block and place the borders around it. Sometimes in the quilt article they have another colorway set up, but not this time.
Here is a picture of what it would resemble as one block. The red and gold on a off white background is more my color choices.
The block is 14 1/2 inches raw so it is a fair size and with borders it would make a nice size center piece for my large table.

The glare is on this picture but you can see how it would look all finished as they have made the pattern.
Basically I would have a red and green quilt if I did it the way I have visualized in my own mind. Now to get it started without my husband seeing I am starting something else. He caught me measuring the table the other night so he knows something is up. LOL. Some days men are no fun at all. This way if I have a machine quilt started with piecing then I can have a hand quilt in progress so I can sit and watch TV with him at night. Doesn't that sound good? I thought it made sense. LOL See how brave I am today to get it started. I need to find a couple more pieces to make sure I have it all together to get started. I know if I look hard enough it will all come together without having to purchase anything more. Besides the machine quilting is for next Christmas. Am I convincing enough????

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Exuberant Color said...

It sounds like a good idea to me. It sounds to me like the husband is jealous he doesn't have a FUN hobby.