Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowing again

A dusting is what they said. They the weatherman with no window in their office. LOL Over an 1 1/2 so far. But we are fortunate not to have the weather the East Coast is having. In the past we had storms like you are getting now. Back in the time listen to me I am really old here. 1978-1979 we had storms. We got 30 inches in one storm. We didn't know where to pile it. Just like the NE is getting now. As I get older I do not like this climate. Then on the other hand I don't like blistering heat and hurricanes and so I guess every part of the country has weather issues. 52 more days until Spring. I am ready for a big change around here. Off to the sewing room with all the lights on. I am going to find some jazzy music and do something even if it is wrong. Chris

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