Thursday, January 6, 2011


Have you ever thought about why you quilt or what made you start? Was it to cover the beds in your home and for your family members? Was it a need to do something creative?
I found that my experience with fabric was my inspiration. I sold fabric since I was 16 years old in a department store in my home town. This store I had visited with my Mother since I was young. The colors the texture and the need to touch influenced me to work with this medium. My Paternal Grandmother was a quilter and my Maternal Grandmother was a seamstress. Most of their influence was out of necessity having lived through the depression trying to raise their families on what little they could get their hands on. Ironically my Maternal Grandmother had three girls. She would take the leftovers of others fabrics and combine them to make clothing for her girls. My Paternal Grandmother had three boys and she would take the shirts of her Father and Brother to make clothing for her boys. I have had it easier than that, but still try and use every inch and thread of my stash to the fullest. I would love to work in the fabric stores again. Dream is to own one, but at my age not in the cards. What made you want to quilt? Chris

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