Thursday, January 13, 2011

Never grew up

In the past I have been a grown up physically, but a little girl at heart. I have a passion for making doll clothing. I want the doll to have the look of a little princess and the only way I know to do it is with ruffles and lace. I have a granddaughter an even though I sewed for her she is a Tomboy. She liked jeans and bare feet. This is a copy of a dress I bought for my niece 37 years ago.
Ruffles lace and ribbon. Only a grandmother and a mother would appreciate all the foo-foo this makes for a fairy princess.
I had thought about making a children's line of handmade clothing, but my husband smokes and even thought the clothing would be washed it still carries an odor. So it was out of the question. The new thing in my life is a fireplace so still out of the question. I feel stifled because I can't create and get anything for my wares. Ran across this dress in looking for something else. This one fits a Lee Middleton Designer doll. Chris

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