Sunday, January 9, 2011

Resized Cherries

This is what I had ready to sew down this morning. I felt they were to large for the scale of the block. I made a decision to re size the cherries and I am glad I did.
Here is the new size. Instead of being the size of a nickel they are a little larger than a dime. I think they fit in the design better for my taste anyway. Now I just have three more sides to do with this block. I still am debating about embroidery to finish it off. If it was to be a bed quilt and lots of wear and tear I don't think I would do the embroidery.

I think since this is going to be a smaller topper I am going to hand quilt it. I will put borders on it and decide what is the right design for the borders. I think and appliqued border is in order and then hand quilting to accent the applique. I run ideas through my head while stitching the block. Chris

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