Friday, January 14, 2011

Lighter Note

Yes it is snowing out and yes it is gray. 49 of the States have snow right now. I want Spring. Along with Spring comes cleaning and purging of the leftover Winter crap.
The flower beds need cleaning even though I did that last Fall. The closets in my house definitely need it and the carpets need a scrubbing and maybe I need to rethink my blogs. I have read several in the last few days that are questioning if they maybe need to scale back on their blogs. Get rid of extra gadgets or just not post as often. I have a hard time finding enough to talk about some days. I can only devote so much time in a week to sewing or quilting or hand work. Those that work or have a business that they are involved with at home and families all get in the way of being productive. Many are retired and I am at that point but other family things take up a lot of my time. I have trouble with cleaning and laundry and cooking some days. Hence I have let things slide. I do the small stuff and try to keep the big chunks cleaned up in my house. When I really noticed a difference was when I was sick. Today finally I am starting to feel like myself again. Almost 4 weeks. It was no fun. Now I have to clean and figure out meals and I see a cobweb right now. Wait I am going to get it down before I forget. Hang on........... Done! There was more than one. Oh I shouldn't have told you that. LOL Oh wait a minute, the phone is ringing.......... My neighbor telling me that her neighbor hasn't cleaned her drive. SO! what do you want me to do about it. The dryer buzzer is ringing oh well I am busy right now. Oh no it is driving me up the wall hearing it. Maybe I should just get off the computer. But did you know that today is suppose to be the start of a long weekend. Martin Luther King Day is Monday. No mail no banking. Maybe I should get to the bank before it closes and see if I can get any cash for the weekend. Darn it! the dryer is still buzzing. Well I guess I had better get going. So do you see how it is hard to keep up with the posting? I sure do. Chris

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