Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finished Washed and on the Table

Finally finished. I got up early and decided it needed to get done. I had some hand quilting and then the binding. The basting is all gone and the markings washed out. I learned a couple things along the way. Learning is the key to mistakes. I learned by reading someone else's blog sorry can't remember who that I should have used a different batt. This person and I am sorry I can't give credit said to use a cotton batting and on top use a thin poly batt. Suppose to make the applique pop out more. In her blog it was evident it did. Mine kinda lays flat.
This is what it looks like on the Oak table and chairs in the dining area. I like it a lot. I have come across another design from an old crewel work book and think I will make one for the Spring time and I can change them as the weather changes.

This didn't cost me a dime. All was scraps and leftovers of other projects long done.
Only time and who has more than what I do as far as time. Ha! Kept me busy anyway. Chris


dióhéj said...

Very nice!

Fiesta said...

It looks great I love the colors.

Exuberant Color said...

It turned out great and I think your applique pops as much as I would think it should. If you are going to set things on it I don't think you would want it too puffy. I can see the 2 battings on a bed quilt or lap quilt but not for a table topper. I think it is perfect!