Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inspiration from many

We all gain inspiration from things around us. We are influenced by nature, by interaction with others and our sense of creativity. This is a block I started and working still on. My inspiration for this block come in the form of influence by other quilters. My first inspiration is from Anita Shackelford and her applique work with the red and green color scheme. She would use the colors of the old quilts in her appliques. Even though I introduced the tan flower it still influenced me that she used the red and greens. The technique of the applique was from Erin Russek. She uses the templates and starch method to build her flowers and designs. Sandy Leichner is my next inspiration. She uses the colors to accent the design shapes and the details in the embroidery to make the flat shapes come to life.
I can't ever come up to the level of excellence any of these other quilters have shown and proven time and time again.

As you can see the flowers and leaves come to life with the accents of stitching. The last inspiration until I get farther along is the girls from Pieceocake designs. This is their design with my own twist. Colors are different the details are different. The last inspiration for this block really is my Grandmother. She like details and she would add to her quilting as she progressed with it. Hand work is a relaxation for me. I can loose myself in the work and all my troubles melt away. Who are your inspirations? Chris

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