Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Weathermen say 16 inches but who knows

I live in NW Illinois. The weathermen say we got 16 inches, but really with all the wind who knows if that is even close. I promised soup and here it is. I cut out some templates for the next applique project. Funny how it blew. I see clean driveway and then a huge pile of it right next to it.

This is the back of my house and in the distance is my neighbor. All the snow in my yard made it's way to her yard. With 45-50MPH gusts I can't imagine why it isn't piled up worse, but it must have blown into the next county.

This is the bulk of my driveway. That is my neighbors house and her window is about 5 ft off of the ground. So you can see my 65ft long drive is going to be impossible to get cleaned out.

This is a drift in front of my neighbors shed. Spring can't get here soon enough for me.

We are still under a blizzard warning in my county until 6pm tonight. Most of the snow has quit.

My poor birdhouse has a new roof top of snow. Just before this storm we had lost a lot of snow because of 38*F weather.

No travel is going on where I live. The National Guard in our area have been called out and even they are getting stuck in the Hummers they drive. I am staying home and shovel a little at a time. Take care Chris

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