Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Well here we are again. Valentines Day. I will be 59 years old tomorrow. My Dad wanted a boy until he found out I was going to be born on Valentines Day. He was a romantic and he bought my Mom 12 roses for having me and for me 1 rose. When I turned 12 he gave me 12 roses and 1 rose for my Mom. This is a wallhanging I made several years ago. I need to find another pattern or make something else up. I am getting tired of this one.
The block pieces are fused and hand stitching over the edges were done. The birdhouse I posted yesterday I found out last night is my birthday present from my husband. I am getting anxious to see it done and up. Have to melt a lot and warm up before it goes up. Happy Valentines Day from one Valentine to another. Chris