Friday, February 18, 2011

Pictures of UFO

This is the UGLY quilt. At least this is what I have called it. It was ugly fabrics I maybe wouldn't use anymore and want to get it used up. Around the edges of the top of the bed I have placed a solid looking brown band because I didn't have enough of the tan color to make more blocks. I started another quilt with these blocks that were to be set on point. Instead I set them straight and it made a different block.
The center of the original block is the black 2inch square. So when I pieced them together without sashing it make a 16 patch block that looks like it is sashed with the rust color and the black patch as the corners. I made the same look without the brown sections for my son at Christmas.
I have a dust ruffle I was making to go with this quilt and I have to rethink this because my husband has changed beds. He now has an adjustable bed and it has a bar to support the mattress from sliding off the bed. So I need to maybe make a more tailored looking dust ruffle or bed skirt. I have plenty of fabric so after the quilt is completed I will see how it looks on the bed. It will be long enough to look more like a bedspread to cover the pillow. The challenge I made for myself with this quilt was to take fabrics I normally wouldn't use and make it into something that looked masculine and pleasing to the eye. I am up early to get more done on it without him knowing. So off to the sewing room to get more done.
Sometimes something really ugly can turn out really nice. I guess I got teased long enough about getting this one done is why I set it aside and didn't get it finished. Challenge now is to get it done and out of the sewing room. Off to sew. Chris

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