Saturday, February 12, 2011

20 more to make

On the final stretch. I have to stop now and cut 20 more centers and then I think I have enough of the smaller patches made to finish, but I will have to cut some more longer sides. 83 are ready to be squared up and final press on them.
This is sure a scrap buster. I have gone through piles of fabric scraps and really have pared down on my messy mess.LOL I think it is a masculine looking block. Then the borders will be dark. The boys name is Sage so I plan on making corner stones in a sage color. His room is colored sage green right now. I am finding scraps I forgot I had. The snow is melting slowly, but suppose to be warmer tomorrow. Possible flood could take place this next week with the warmer temps. Suppose to get to 50*F this next week. Haven't seen that temp for quite awhile. My husband had cabin fever and he is in the garage making birdhouses. I will get photos after he gets a little farther along. Chris

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