Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can't settle down to anything

Last night I made cinnamon rolls. I made some in these little potpie tins I got at the store. I liked them because they had the plastic lids for them. The recipe is from Judy Laquidara from She is so gracious to add her recipes to the blog. She is a true housewife. She likes homemade fixins. This recipe "Is to Die For "
The weather is raining. The sleet was hitting the window at 4am. I tried to go back to sleep and when you got woke up like that you never totally get into a deep sleep. Finally at 5 am I got up.

A couple days ago I got the 113 blocks all finished for the Christmas gift for this next Christmas. I got them all pressed but until I go to adding the sashing I plan on not squaring them up until then. This used up a lot of little scraps.

As you can see the snow is almost gone. Was suppose to get to 50*F today and never made it. I think it is 38*F right now. Rumor has it we are to see a bad storm over next weekend. Suppose to be a lot of snow again. I have been uptight today and no reason. I am ok. Not sick not worried just blah. I was going to sew and never made it there Yet! LOL. I have days where I would rather crawl in a corner and read a cookbook. Yes I read cookbooks. Interesting what you learn in a cookbook or a telephone book. Nuts Right?????Chris

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