Sunday, March 27, 2011

Three of the Four quilted

Been pressing on with this task. The quilting is going ok. Been interrupted several times and also so upsetting news happened and I had to work my way through it while I was stitching. The news wasn't anything horrible, but it will reflect in the future of a loved one. I quilted even around the outline stitched stems. I wanted it to look like it was accented. I have one more of the four to quilt around and then I can concentrate on the borders. I have run the ideas around in my head as to how much I want to quilt them. The print of the fabric is playing a role in the over all look and I don't want to over due the quilting to detract from the effect.

I have tried all kinds of markers. Even used one I thought was wash out and after marking and entire quilt found out it was disappearing. I have since used successfully the washable markers made by a major company. I am not an agent for them, but they do work quite well for what I do. My choice for the width of the quilting grid is off. I should have made it smaller, but I will live with the choice as I have so much of it done. Another lesson learned. Study it farther and for longer and you maybe will be pleased. I have had to much going on in a short time and it is playing out in my decisions. Funny how your everyday life gets in the way of being creative. Well anyway in my case. This was a by the seat of your pants project. Wasn't sure what it would turn out like. I had no plan when I started other than I liked the flowers and the simplicity of the stems and leaves. Off to get more done. Bye, Chris

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Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

One thing with the grid, when you are finshed with the quilt you can very easily go back and re-grid the quilting if you want. The lines are already there to guide you, you wouldn't have to remark.

Excellent job!