Sunday, March 13, 2011

Don't you just hate it when this happens

I really hate this part of sewing. You are moving along and the best efforts are made to sew straight seams and press correctly then this happens. I had to rip out three seams and now I have to resew all the seams and hope nothing is stretched or that the seams will be straight again.
I have a test block made and I just thought I was moving along a lightening speed. HA??? The third strip got put on the wrong side of the two center squares. Well it didn't match up right and I didn't notice it until after it was stitched and pressed.
These two squares are ready to be squared up to sew together for another block, but now I have to go back and restitch the block I made the mistake in. I had to stop and add some more strips to my tub for variety. I think that will happen through out this project. Seems like a lot is cut, but to get the scrappy look you need tons of variety. So today between cooking and cleaning some I will get another pile of scraps and this time I am separating the lights and darks as I cut them. Before I threw everything in the same tub.
I woke up really early with the time change. I have been up since 5am, but that was 4am on the old time. Yippeee all my auto time change clocks changed on their own. I hate resetting clocks when the electricity goes off in a storm. Back to fix my repairs. Chris

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