Thursday, October 27, 2011


This is Bread in a Jar. The original recipe and idea came from Hillbilly Housewife. At the end of the post I will list the links to the recipes and the great blogs that go with this recipe.

You see some pint wide mouth canning jars. They are grease with shortening and ready to fill. this recipe makes 8 pint jars with Bread In a Jar.

. Here is the mixture from the recipe. I am making Cranberry and nut bread. The cranberries are in the stores again and I decided to make this up.

I use my canning funnel and that way the bread mixture doesn't get on the rim.

To fill the jars half full and make sure they are not overfilled.

I placed them in a roasting pan or on a cookie sheet and bake the jars until they are done. About 45 minutes and the toothpick is clean when poked in the center.

Remove the jars wipe all the little crusty bits off and place the new seals and rings on the jars and the heat in the jars makes the bread seal. The great part about all this is that they last for about a year in the sealed jars. This is a great idea for snacks taking to work for a mid morning snack with a cup of coffee and tea. Or for a single person that the rest of the loaf of bread would go to waste. This recipe has other options. Pumpkin bread, Banana Bread, Zucchini bread and Apple bread. So many things that can be done with it.

The potential for a great recipe and I have had the pumpkin bread already and it is delicious. The link for this is:
This website has all kinds of great time and money saving tips. Great recipes and also a newsletter that you can get weekly.

This is the 2fer. This I found on another blog and went nuts over the thought of the Cream Cheese Pound cake. Can you imagine the calories. Well they are there believe me. I am sharing this with several people so I don't eat the whole thing.

I don't have a bundt pan so I used an angel food cake pan. I greased it and floured it so it wouldn't stick. The stick is spaghetti to test the doneness. I don't have toothpicks long enough to test it.

Here it is all done and on a plate to cool. It looks so great. Hate to cut it but I want a taste.

This is the link for this blog and she has fabulous recipes and lots of pictures. The name of the recipe is Cream Cheese Pound Cake. She got the recipe off of the site she list at the bottom of the recipe. I tried to link it here and it didn't work sorry.It is called Elizabeth's Edible Experience. If you click on the source it will take you to the site.

I can take no credit other than I am sharing these links with you. Save the links because it is an ongoing list of great food and ideas. Chris Enjoy.

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Exuberant Color said...

that cakes sounds yummy! I don't think I have a bundt cake pan either but now I see that can't stop me!