Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monday tip on Sunday Night, Hey I was quilting

I got this one sandwiched and started on the machine quilting. It was going pretty well and I decided I would use leftovers for supper. I thought what should I do. I wanted to make a potpie and use left over roast and potatoes and carrots. I made this two nights ago for supper. This was the plan. I got out 4 frozen biscuits cut them in half and thawed them.

I got the left overs out and cut the potatoes and carrots in bite sized pieces. Added the meat to the mix and the gravy I had saved over the meat. I spooned the gravy over the cut up food in small casseroles I have.

Then I placed the cut up biscuits over the top of the leftovers. I placed them on a tray and got them in a hot oven. About 400*F.

They were in the oven for about 25 minutes and the top was brown and the food was hot.

They tasted real good and it was a warm meal from leftovers. I still have some meat left and I think I will freeze it to make beef and noodles on another day when I am sewing and don't want to stop for a cooking day. Chris
PS. Paula Deen says frozen pie crust, frozen biscuits are a good thing. LOL That sounds like Martha Stewart.

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