Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Had to stop sewing and rip

I had three rows sewn together and then I went to press and I had one on backwards. DAH!

I need to cut more sashing rows and then I can get the top on the road to being finished. It has several borders and I think this will be at least full sized when done.

I figure it can be used on a couch or as an extra at the foot of a bed if necessary. I am not sure I would do this quilt pattern again. The bias seams and the stretching has bothered me. I tried to be so careful and I feel like it is not truly square.

We wallpapered the inside of the trunk. Have you ever wallpapered the inside of a box. It took for ever to do.
It is clean and all is covered so she can store stuff on the inside without troubles.

It was a thicker wallpaper. It is designed to cover textured walls like cement and old paneling. It worked well in the application for this project.

She is coming for this on Thursday after work. I think she will be so happy with it. The first we saw it the likely hood of it being a usable trunk was questionable. But the look and the finished project was rewarding because it is a thing to look at now and can be used for several things. I think she is going to use it as a coffee table in her living room. She is into primitive and antiques so it will fit right into her decor. One man's junk is another man's treasure.


Katie M. said...

Chris, I think the quilt will be beautiful when finished, even if the bias is a pain to work with. The trunk....oh,my, it's simply gorgeous! I may be on the lookout for an old trunk!

Valerie said...

Your quilt is turning out GORGEOUS! I'm sorry to hear you've had some frustration with it so far - we've all been there. ;) May I ask what method you are using to make your half square triangles? I don't like playing with all that bias either, but there are tricks to get around that. Well, what matters is it looks great and you are making great progress. The trunk is AWESOME too! ;)