Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Washing and cleaning day

Well the sewing didn't happen. The washing and moving furniture and also cleaning was the order of business.

I washed the quilt on my bed and the sheets and the sheets in the other room. I then cleaned the kitchen area carpet and moved a tall cabinet to the kitchen and hooked up a TV in there. We ran the cable for it the other day. There are times I don't like what he is watching on TV and I have to go to a bedroom to watch another channel. This way I can do tracing of applique pieces or cutting out in the kitchen and watch something I want to watch. I think I might be a little more productive with this out there. I can have my coffee in the morning and watch the World news and then cutout while sitting there.

I have some sad news. My son came with a laundry basket yesterday and it has three quilts in it. I opened them up and they all had holes in them or major portions missing from the dog chewing. I am so upset I could just sit there and cry. These are ones I spent hours and hours on and the dog uses them for a chew toy. I told him to get rid of her and I wasn't very happy. Now I get to see if I still have fabric to repair them. One I can for sure, but one my Step-Father made several years ago and I am not sure if there is any of the fabric left. I may hold them hostage until he does something. Maybe not a good thing, but it ticks me off that it happened. He does want them fixed, but I am not sure I want him to have them back. I will get over it but it hurts after you put so many hours in to making them and this happens. Frustrated! Chris


bettyp said...

AWWW!!! how sad that the dog chewed the quilts ! I dont think I would let him have it back till the dog gets older and stops chewing on things
Sure hope you can repair them!!

Exuberant Color said...

The same thing happened at my son's house but he knew better than to bring them back for repair. I made them once, I don't have to make them twice, the second time harder because it isn't creative, it's just work! His family won't get any more quilts.