Sunday, October 2, 2011


I have been pulling fabric from the stash and trying to get the balance of color and texture for the last of the rows in this quilt top.

I am down to the last 12 blocks and need to get enough color variance to make the last row for this top. As you can see I have several with reds and tans in them and I need to make some extra blocks to make it balanced.
Here are a couple of the rows with the black sashing to hold the smaller squares together. After getting all the rows stitched together and pressed then comes the fun of laying it out to make sure I don't have three blues all in the same area.

This is all scraps and small pieces I cut out for this quilt top. The only expense so far is the sashing and batting and backing. Which I need to buy a back yet. Everyone that has come to my house and seen this in the progress is so impressed with the look and the aged look it has. This is the second quilt I have made of this pattern. I can see myself making a couple more in the future because all the kids and grandkids grab the one that is already made to sleep under when they are here. No it isn't any warmer than any of the other quilts but it looks like a quilt Grandma's would have. OLD! LOL I still need to get more done before Christmas and yet I work on this one. More fun to see the color combos evolving before my eyes.

While my computer was down I did get a lot of sewing done and made it 4 whole days without the computer. Can you do that? I didn't think I could. I sat at one point and wondered how I got along without the computer for so long. Funny what we make a priority in our lives we maybe don't need in life.

I think I am going to try and get the last rows sewn today and get the top started in the row sewing. I have several borders to make for the top and then I need to go to town and see if I can get a backing and some batting bought.

I really should be out cutting back flower beds and I may do that, but I am itching to sew so I am off to the sewing room to make a dent in the pile of blocks that need squaring up and stitched together. Chris

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