Monday, October 24, 2011

OMGosh what has she done!

This is a picture of the two grandkids. Taylor is 12 and Derek is 10. They came to visit over the weekend. We see them every other weekend. Kids of a divorce they like to stay at Grandma's. Derek is a messer and Taylor is an organizer. Well she did a number on me.

Things got piled together and stacked on flat surfaces. She feels she is helping and yet I didn't walk in there to really look until after she was done. I can't find anything.

My cutting area is cleaned off, but the closet is a dumping ground. I have storage tubs and also a shelving unit in there. If she didn't know what to do with something it got dumped in there. She thought she was helping and yes it is cleaner. The floor was vacuumed.

She has good skills she will carry on with when she gets older, but I guess I was to busy doing other things in the house and it is all my fault it got in that shape anyway. Chris

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