Sunday, October 16, 2011

Remember this trunk

This is what we started with. Looks like an old junk trunk. We found a label that is stamped 1895 in it. After a lot of cleaning and sanding and painting it is all looking so much better.

The the final touch is the tung oil. We got a low gloss tung oil to help preserve the wood. It really is rich looking now. The strap had to be replaced and a hinge had to be replaced, but it is looking so much better.

This is what the tung oil is doing for the wood. It was old and dried out. It will lighten some when dry, but oh my what a difference

Here is the tray my husband made to put in the inside. The original was missing. He stained it and varnished it so it could be used.

It has been a challenge for him. He has Parkinson's disease and the fine trim painting was getting to him.
He is tickled that my friend is overjoyed with it. She just loves it.

This is the sky this afternoon. The wispy clouds are like cotton balls drifting in the air.

Here you can see a jet trail. We are about half way between the Moline Illinois Airport and O'Hare Airport in Chicago so we see a lot of air traffic going over head.

It rained this morning and has been off and on again sunlight the rest of the day. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

What a transformation! It is beautiful.