Monday, October 10, 2011

Stitching and maybe an end soon

I have been sewing long seams and getting down to the last three long seams on this top.

Seams sewn and the pressing needs to happen. Pressing as you go makes a big difference in the finished top.

I love to see the look while pressing. Each row is so different looking and the enjoyment of pressing the seams really makes me feel like I accomplished something.

I still have three rows to sew on. they are sewn to each other but the connecting strip needs to be added then the outside strips need to be added.

Your eye is moving all over the quilt to take it all in. Color is in every corner and you look away and look again and you see something you didn't see the first time. Scrap quilting is a lot of fun that way. Chris

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Valerie said...

Ooooh very nice I like this very much. I know what you mean about scrap quilting, it IS a lot of fun and there is always something to look at. I love that you can put some really ugly hideous fabric in them too and they end up looking gorgeous! LOL* Your quilt is so beautiful, you make me want to go pull out my scraps. :)