Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dog had trouble with quilts

I have been fixing quilts. I got three fixed and one was to old to work on. It was in shreds and from wear not the dog This is going to take some work to fix this one. I told him and the kids anymore get chewed don't bring them back because I refuse to work on them.

I had one extra block leftover so I have the pieces I need to piece in the missing section. I found some of the binding fabric, but the back will have to be pieced.

The other quilts I was able to match the fabric or come very close to what was there. I spent hours on them yesterday, but three are back home.

The dog is left alone so much and in a kennel most of the time. When she is out she gets bored and this is what she does. She is a good dog, but she needs attention and I want them to find a home for her. Hard to give her up. Chris

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Liz said...

Boy, do I know about dogs chewing up quilts. I made a beautiful log cabin for my daughter and three years later she sent it to me and asked if I could fix it. I cried. And kept my feelings to myself. It was a mess beyond fixing. Thank God the dog went back to his "custodial" parent. Ha!