Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday tip day

I hate to do dishes by hand. That is the only way for years I could get my glasses spotless. I was lurking on the blogs and websites one day and I found this listed on Dee's The Pioneer Woman site. She lives on well water as I do and I have used it ever since. I use my regular dish tabs and then I add this to the closed dispenser part in my dishwasher. It only takes about a tablespoon full and the glasses and dishes sparkle without all the liquid stuff you run out of all the time. I do not work or am I affiliated with this company I just like their product.
It is available in the big box grocery stores and now they do have a liquid to add to the dispenser in you dishwasher which I have not tried. I love this stuff. Water spots are a nasty thing to me and I really don't like them. It cleans up your baking dishes, but if you have hand painted dishes I don't recommend it. It will dissolve the paint. Some things still need to be washed by hand. My stainless flatware is sparkling also.
Tip number two. Vinegar, yes it stinks, but it is great to remove hard water deposits on chrome. It isn't harsh enough to remove the chrome, but the faucets need a touch up and it works great. Apply with a soft cloth and let sit. You will be surprised at how it eats the deposits on the faucets. It neutralizes soap build up also. So not just for your salads it works many other ways. It also disinfects surfaces after precleaning them. The smell goes away after it dries. Hope these help in your everyday life. Chris

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