Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This is the latest project

We have a friend that is into antiques. She purchased this trunk at a flea market. It had mildewed canvas on the wood and was in kinda rough shape when she bought it. It was missing the tray in the inside and the bottom of the trunk was really rotted thin. We made a tray to fit in it and also a piece of wood was put in the bottom to make it more stable so it can be used.

I used a Scotchbrite pad and cleaned off the mildew and the glue from the canvas. Roughed up the rust on the straps and the corners and hinges of the trunk. I sneezed and was stuffed up for two days after all the work on it. Now need to go out and work on the inside and also take a bucket of water and mild bleach and wipe it all down. We are going to tung oil the wood parts and use flat black paint on the metal parts. The inside will get a free start with wallpaper.

She is going to use it in a bedroom to hold extra blankets. Have to make it as clean as can be, but not get rid of the over all old look. Found a label on the inside that said it was made in 1892. Hey it is older than I am. LOL

The nice thing about this one is a glass top could be set on it and used as a coffee table if she wants to. I will take pictures when done. I get involved in more odd things. No wonder I don't get any sewing done. Chris

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Katie M. said...

What a great find! The older stuff was made to last and with a little TLC they come back to life - I will be looking forward to seeing the renovated trunk!