Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cleaning Tornado is baking now

Today was 118*F heat indexes and we baked dinner rolls. She is in 4-H and needed to practice her skills. I don't think she had ever baked anything with yeast before. We read the recipe and we explained every step as she went.

I told her to make a couple different style of dinner rolls and she wasn't sure what I meant. I said the Clover Leaf rolls and the hand made rolls.

She got the hang of it really well.

Showed her how to hold her hand on a firm surface and form the balls on the counter.

Looks perfect to me. I use to work as a baker and I know it takes a little skill to get them to come out right.

They rose and were ready to bake. My oven over heats and I know it so we were very careful to watch them.

These are about the size of a tennis ball which is a nice dinner roll size.

She got them out of the oven and a little margarine on a clean paper towel to coat the tops of the rolls while they are hot makes them nice and tender.

They look beautiful for her first attempt. I think she did fantastic.

The rolls were a little more golden and they were perfect also. Grade A+ for the young lady. The test is the taste.

They cooled a few and she couldn't wait, she had to taste them. Really fluffy and tender. Another Grade A+

We took pictures to send to her Mom and also she can print them out to make a report on them. She now knows what it takes to make yeast bread. She took the temp of the water when it was heated before the yeast went into the bowl and she learned all the mechanics of making the dough also. Great Job Taylor. Chris


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Good for her!! Yummy, yummy....

Katie M. said...

Oh, thank goodness I can't smell those wonderful rolls!, I'd be trying to figure out a way to fly through cyberspace and nab me one!!!!!

sewyouquilt2 said...

oooo and what time can I pick these up? they look YUMMY!