Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wisdom of the kids

Here are the school pics of my two grandchildren. Derek is 11 and Taylor is 13 years old. Taylor is the Cleaning Tornado. She loves to learn new things and always wants Grandma to show her something new everytime she comes. Derek works with Grandpa in the garage and makes wood projects or paints or uses the power tools to help out.

Both kids are eager to help and it is a blessing they are part of our lives.

When Taylor was cleaning the other day I thought of some comments others have made in the past about people who sew. A neighbor said her mother was a seamstress for hire and she hated the house because it was covered in threads, fabric and wedding dresses hanging everywhere. I didn't have a come back for that statement. Needless to say the lady never learned how to sew.

Taylor was cleaning and this bothered me. She told my Mother, her Great Grandmother that it upset her that I had such a mess in my sewing room, but she remembered all the quilts that she had and she accepted the mess and decided to help me by helping me clean. Well not helping she did it all. She wanted to. She also said Grandma can take a small scrap and sew it together and make a beautiful quilt. At least the wisdom of my Granddaughter is there that the end product is worth the mess.

My Grandson always when he is here grabs a quilt and will not use a store bought blanket. He has a fit if one is placed on him in the night or you try and get him to use one.

I sometimes think the kids know more than the adults. The love and time that goes into making a quilt by a loved one is more prescious that we realize.

I guess the kids are growing up and they realize more than what we give them credit for. This was an eye opener to me that they do appreciate their Grandparents efforts as humble as they may be to make their life more meaningful and create memories they will use later in life.

Wisdom we are not born with we gain from contact with others. Sometimes life's lessons are cruel and we learn from them also. These two have had their share of life's lessons. They are very close and yet they fight like cats and dogs. Love conquers all pain and suffering. Tell your family or your loved ones how much you love them. Someday it will be paid back in spades as I have seen this week with my Grandkids. Chris

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