Saturday, June 2, 2012

10X12 foot room oh my

Doesn't look like I did anything, but I have. I have containers of scraps I am cutting sorting and moving to smaller containers. The pieces I can't use are thrown out. I didn't sew for a couple days with cleaning the living room and dining room. How can one person make such a mess????

Here is a container and it has a lid that is all 1 inch strips. I thought Court House Steps or Log Cabins could be made with these. As I pick up a piece from my containers I measure and see how many different sizes I can cut from them.

I have all different sized pieces cut and labeled in these containers. These are recycled containers from a car wash. They had wafers of fragrance in them and the tubs had nice fitting tops so I asked them for them. Free is good here.

I have several containers with all sizes of scraps and I just sit and cut until I am through with the container.
My efforts are paying off, but it is a slow slow s.l.o.w process. I think if I get it done once I won't let it get so far out of hand before I cut again.

Progress is made but it is a 10X12 ft. room and not a lot of wiggle room to get to the back wall of shelves. Maybe in a few days I will be able to get to it. As others have said a messy person is a creative person. Well I think I fit in the category. LOL Chris


Katie M. said...

I have found that my room is messiest once I get started straightening it up. It's that pull things out to organize part that seems to mess it up.,..

Valerie said...

WOW! You make me feel sewing area is in a state similar to this pretty much at all times. ;) It's so easy to become distracted!