Thursday, May 31, 2012

I really did it now

I wore myself out today. Maybe I will sleep tonight. I got up and cleaned and boy did I clean. Vacuumed the ceiling the walls the carpet the furniture and then I scrub all the carpets in the living and dining rooms. Moved furniture from one spot to another. Carried all the dining room chairs to the kitchen so my husband could wash them off. All the little tables and the lamps were washed. Then the kitchen floor was washed on hands and knees. I still have the china closet the TV stand and a coffee table to wash and then the room is done other than windows and drapes.

I am tired just typing this. We have a fireplace and my husband smokes so I use the Carpet Shampoo for pets. It neutralizes all the odors in the carpets.
I own my own shampooer and it really dries the carpets out pretty fast. In a couple days I need to do the master bedroom and bath. Then I have three bedrooms one of which is the sewing room and it will have to be the last because I am still sorting.

Feels good to have it done, but my behind is dragging. We thought we were smart and bought large pieces of furniture and I will never do that again. My back and hips are screaming. Where is the Icy Hot and the pain meds. Chris

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Valerie said...

I admire your energy! :)