Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Efforts and my Goals

My Effort over the weekend went out the door. I cleaned up a few things and then I quit. Today we have to get the yards mowed so after the day is done outside and it is cooler now maybe I can get something done in the sewing room.

My goals well they are a long list. If I get them done fine if not then it is ok. I make myself crazy over gettng things done and some days are just that. Not attainable.

My step Grandson came yesterday and he walked in, mind you he is 5 years old and Not around us a lot, he walked over to me and gave me the nicest hug and didn't let go. Floored me beyond belief. Up till now he has been standoffish and I had to tease him into a hug and kiss.

I guess he is getting older and he found out this grandma doesn't bite. LOL Grandma's like the hugs and kisses when they are given freely. Chris

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