Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do you think I need to clean

No wonder I don't want to sew. If you stand at the door and look in there you would be certain it is a mess and who would want to go in there. I had been sorting and trimming scraps and yet I am only part way through. I need a kick in the back side and get something done. I have a pile of this and a pile of that. I have tubs sitting all over with sizes of scraps cut inside. I think after we get the yards mowed today I will get in there and get some of this wrapped up so I can breath when I walk in there and not feel overwhelmed.

Today and the next few days I need some distractions. My son is going back to court over his kids and also he has a job interview out of town. The out of town is the key word. I want him to get the job, but he is my mainstay and I need backup support at times. He won't be available for me to contact and get help. He will be 2 hours away and not 45 minutes. Another hurdle I will have to encounter if it happens.

My husband has been doing ok, but his health is changing and I have to be somewhat prepared over what is going on. Next year I am not going to do yards other than my own. I am sure at the rate things are changing here he will not be able to help. Some days reality just smacks you in the face and it is an eye opener.

Not sure what I will do when I get my cleaning done, but I need to do some shopping to get some fabric and yet I hate leaving for to long. Have a Great Day Chris


Katie M. said...

I end up with the same thing when I pull out my scraps. I try to organize but I can't stand having the 'bigger mess' staring me in the face, so I usually will cut a few into squares (or whatever), then I have to shove it all back into the big tote and put it away - needless to say, I don't play in my scraps very often.

sewyouquilt2 said...

check out 15 minutes to play blog by Victoria Findley. You WILL use up your scraps and will be asking for others scraps. She and the gals there make some wonderful things all using the "little at a time" method.