Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Confessions of a bad quilter

I really am a bad quilter. I just can't get motivated. I tried to get some hand work ready as I stated I would and I failed. Well not totally. I ran out of time. My Mom had and eye appointment yesterday and I wanted to have some hand work when I went with her. I didn't get the work to the point of hand work. This is going to be a table runner. It is more spring and summer looking. It has applique and piecing both in the finished table runner. My camera didn't like the glossy pages in the book.

I bought this book a while back on sale at Connecting Threads. I like the period flowers in the applique and also the piecing is simple and very retro looking.

This is a good book by Cynthia Tomaszewski. I have admired her patterns in the older Quilter Newsletters. She uses the 30's-50's look and yet uses the newer fabrics to make the look come alive.

Today we have a small window of clear weather to get the yards done. We are to get rain the rest of the week. So this will be put on hold a little longer to get the work done outside. I hope the weather holds off a couple hours to get the jump on this grass. Otherwise we will have such a long mess to clean up after it dries out next week. We also need to get tomato plants outside they have grown so much, some are waist high in the house. We have blossoms starting on one of them. Not to us that we need to not plant seeds so early next year. Chris

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Katie M. said...

No such thing as a "bad quilter".....Hand work? I love it but have no patience for it. I set myself up for failure every time I decide to do something by hand. I so admire those who do hand applique and OMG those who hand piece! I look forward to seeing your table runner, it looks like it will be very bright and cheery.