Saturday, May 12, 2012


Today I have had it. The SPAM is awful. I got 152 emails all about medicines if you know what I mean. I turned back on the word verifications because of all the nasty SPAM. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you understand.

The other thing is the infections and viruses are going up on my malware and adware. So I truly don't want to pass anything on and don't want to recieve anything.

I think the sites I get on that have all the Adsense on the sides really increase you chances of trouble. If I do encounter a site with all this I run a manual scan of the Malware software I have in my computer and you would be surprised at what you find. I don't add all the add-ons a person can have because I don't want o offend anyone. Chris


Katie M. said...

Chris - totally in agreement with you - I never did turn off my word verification. As for all the ad stuff, I know it's supposed to help some of those with larger followings but I personally don't like it.....

Exuberant Color said...

Isn't spam control in Blogger catching them so you can delete them? I only have about one a week that actually is forwarded to my email and it isn't posted on my blog, just stays in the spam folder until I delete it.
I agree about all the ads, takes forever to load those blogs too.