Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm Back Again

I got to thinking about the year that has gone by so far and I realized it is almost half over with. So I mentioned in an email to a friend and she said she was going to have to get going on Christmas.

I looked and as of today there are 211 days left until Christmas. Yes you can shoot me. I really don't think the kids are getting quilts this year for Christmas. Maybe the adults will. Have to think this through because my son's dog likes to eat the quilts.

I know this didn't make your day. Sorry But reality is current. Chris


sewyouquilt2 said...

Chris, try relaxing and sewing. I too used to stress out and overplan what I could possibly do as a human being. Give yourself a break. If the kids dont all get quilts for Christmas it isnt the end of the world. but don't stall a project because it sounds overwhelming. start it and evey day give yourself 15 min to half hour to work on it. Aren't you worth it? You will soon see that one, it IS do-able and two- you are closer to your goal than you realize. good luck !

Katie M. said...

Every year I say I'll get started 'early'....every year I'm still scrambling right before Christmas - I think it's part of the season for me :-) And, I also always say, "if it didn't get done, no one will know anyway - that's the beauty of it being a gift" And... I've also been known to wrap a partially completed item with a "to be continued" note attached....