Saturday, May 19, 2012

This one turned 13 years old last Monday

Tomorrow we are having a Birthday Party for this little one. She is 13 years old now and quite a young lady. As you can see from the picture she was inquisitive when she was little and still is.

Daddy is a firefighter and she was at a Water fight with her parents. She couldn't figure out where the water was coming from. They were draining hoses and she had to find out. The long blond hair was always in her face. She wears it pulled back now.

This child was always trying to compete with her older brothers and now she controls her younger brother.

She is the only Granddaughter and she knows it. She is funny and yet she can be very sarcastic when she needs to be.

She loves her Mom and Dad and her brothers. She is a very giving kid. Love you Taylor Jean. Happy Birthday. Chris

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