Saturday, May 19, 2012

What we don't do for our Grandkids

I picked my two kids last Friday night and I got told Derek had a science project he needed his Grandpa. This was a science project of using potatoes to power a light bulb. We checked on the Internet and it isn't successful because it creates voltage, but not amperage.
Last night we were sitting in the house and Jeff said get the camera. A baby robin was sitting on the Eagle yard ornament wings.

It let me get about 2 foot from it to take a picture. The adult Robins just set there and didn't interfere. We are out in the yard so much they don't seem to be bothered with us.

We planted marigolds yesterday and the rabbits don't like them. The hostas I had planted the rabbits were eating off the tender leaves. Then I turned around and the Maiden Hair Iris is in bloom.

They are small and delicate. The burst of color is nice for a few days and then you just have the leaves for the rest of the summer.

Here is the garden as it is growing the pepper plants are doing good. Around the edge is beets they are so good pickled for this winter.

In the back is the potatoes and to the left is the green beans. some off those were not coming up so we planted a few more seeds to fill in. They haven't come up yet. We also have butternut squash and cucumbers planted. They are just popping through.

The tomato cages are getting a hardy batch of plants growing. New leaves are forming each day. These are the tomatoes he started from seed in the house. So are the peppers.

Here is the proof all is going well. The first tomato blossom has opened. See it in the center of the picture. They will be tomatoes before we know it. Yummmm

I haven't sewn a stitch in over a week. I need to get in there and hem some pants for my son this morning. The birthday party is today and the potatoes for the potato salad are cooking and the eggs are boiling.
I am making an Oreo cookie pie and deviled eggs potato salad and raw veggie and dip and hamburgers on the grill. I said if that wasn't enough McDonald's was down the road. LOL Chris

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