Monday, May 21, 2012


Ok how many times have you seen this block? Just like many other blocks there are so many ways to make it. Squares HST's are the norm for assembly. But are there rectangles and other geometric shapes? How they are laid out makes a difference too.

I have several block pattern books with multiple versions of the same blocks shown. A simple block can be made many ways and each looks different. Look outside the box for a different look.

This is the basis for the The Carpenters Star or the Carpenter Wheel. Many different parts of the country will give a different name to the same block. Research into the blocks is fun because you can find so many variations and yet the elements are the same. Change is good, but watch for copyrighted blocks. Some of the older ones never had a copyright.

Use your imagination and have fun with it. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

I made lots of Carpenter's Wheel blocks using diamonds back in the late 1970's. I still love that block. The version called Dutch Rose uses the HST proportion. The names get interchanged on them all the time and they are both beautiful. I think my pattern came from a catalog from a needlework company in Elgin, IL.