Friday, May 25, 2012

Old is New Again

Many years ago I found three chairs along side of the street and someone had thrown them out. A dog had chewed one and the other had a broken piece. I salvaged one out of the mess and used it for a computer chair because it was lower. The glue joints were getting weak and I thought I could paint it black and use it outside for a flower pot holder. It got painted flat black and then the dark olive green paint was dry brushed over the black. Well it wasn't quite right so the edges got sanded down to the bare wood. Then the raw wood was to light. So a coat of a med walnut stain was washed over it. Now to two coats of varnish and it is going to go in the sewing room.

It was re glued and the strength is back in the chair. I am going to move the computer into the sewing room and make more room in my bedroom. I have trouble sleeping and the computer is a distraction for me when I should be sleeping. I turn the screen off all the time, but I know if I get up I can find something to look at.

My computer table is pressed wood chips and it is not in great shape so I am placing it on a much more solid surface being in there. This way I can play some movies in the computer my husband doesn't like to see. You know Chic Flicks.

He looked for the cable wire and the TV can go in there too. I have to rearrange it tomorrow for the move. It is suppose to be so hot I will not be outside. This is the right time to do it. We have to move the TV cable a little and a phone line needs to be moved, but we have all the necessary parts to do it. Cleaning will be the big thing. I think I need a rummage sale. No I don't want to go to all that trouble. To much work. I will donate. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

donating is good....LOL I remember when we moved to downsize we thought we were so smart. we purged stuff before the move and were all smug in our decision. Then when we got to our new home, we had to purge AGAIN! grrrrrr...... donating is GOOD! LOL