Saturday, May 5, 2012

Got busy this morning

I decided this had been sewn together for about three years so I grabbed it and quilted this for a table topper. We have a trunk coffee table and it gets lots of use. I try and keep something on it to protect the wood from all the use. As you can see it is the central location for papers, medicines and remotes. My husband eats there and it is used for the kids when they come also.

Here are the latest birdhouses he has made. He had some requests and now no one to buy after he gets them made. The one on the left is a squirrel feeder. It looks like an outhouse.

This is just hanging on a hook on the inside wall of my living room . It is a wall hanger and a birdhouse attached. It swivels to what ever direction you want it to face.

I am off to do more laundry and get the table topper I took off clean and put away. These were scrap blocks from a quilt that was made about 7 years ago for a 13 year old. I used them up and now it is a useful item and not laying in a pile in the sewing room. Chris

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