Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Squares and Triangles

Quilting with an attitude. Have you ever read this book? Mary Ellen Hopkins has broken down all the quilting blocks in to a simple principal. Squares and Triangles are the basis for all quilt blocks that are pieced. If you find this book it is a great reference book to have a handle on the parts of quilting that is daunting to many quilters. Some feel designing a quilt block needs some one else to do it for you. Or you used a computer program to come up with a block. Our fore sisters did it with paper and pencil. The way Mary Ellen breaks it down it is a simple process.

This copy I have is my Mother's and yes I have looked at it before, but I wanted a certain pattern and she gave me this book and said figure it out. This book has no dimensions listed. So no pattern is provided. That is part of the ah-ha thing about this quilt book. You can make it any size you want and still have the look you want. If you want a 6 inch block or a 24inch block you have the skills to make it.

My Mother was told when she bought it that it was a classic reference book into the skills of quilting.

I just checked Amazon and they have some new and used books available.Some well established quit shops maybe have it available also. I recommend this as a great source of inspiration to quilters.

Mary Ellen's theory is everything in a pieced block can be broken down into squares and triangles. Look at your blocks and place a mental grid over the blocks and see if you can figure it out. Have Fun Chris

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