Friday, May 4, 2012

Recovery day

Yesterday was a day to beat all days. We got up and decided to get the tomatoes and peppers planted. In and out of the house garden shed and the garage and three hours later we had our tomatoes and the neighbors done.
The neighbor went out to mow his yard and his mower wouldn't stay running so he borrowed our rider and got his mowed. Then my husband decided to mow our yard and another neighbor stopped him to tell him he had mower troubles and could he bring his down. He wasn't finished mowing all the yards. So he stopped and fixed the man's mower. Then he jumped on ours and finished the last yard. We had storms coming in shortly and I wanted the man off the rider and in the house. At 6:30pm we ate a quick supper and he got cleaned up. Then it is hurry up and wait for the storm. It was tracking our way and it was showing tornadic tendencies so we were concerned about going to bed and have a huge storm hit us. At 10:30pm the lightening and thunder hit. We got some wind and lots of rain. No damage, but we had just planted the plants and after all the work we were worried they were to tender to withstand the winds. We had tied them to stakes and they seemed to have weathered the storm fine. The rain perked them up and they look fine today.
Needless to say my husband got up and now is asleep on the couch this morning. He did way to much for his condition yesterday and he will pay for it the next several days. MEN!!!!!
I have laundry started and the dishwasher is loaded and running. I should run the vacuum, but he is asleep. Maybe I will get some prep work done on my applique project. I also have sandwiching to do to get the quilt going I ripped apart. So many things to do and I feel like just sitting and looking at magazines. Time will tell. Recovery will happen but not sure how soon. Chris

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